Nicolette Paul was born on June 5th in a charming city on South Africa’s coastline. Being one of four children, she had spent the years of her childhood and teenage life being raised by a single mother. Nicolette always faced challenges in adapting to her tumultuous environment. The young child would drown herself in books as a form of escapism.

 ‘I spent every free moment reading books; it was the greatest way to create a safe and happy place for myself; I would often be caught daydreaming about a world better than the one I was born into. Reading books transported my mind and soul to these magical places that existed only for me.’ As a young child, she was highly creative and started stage performing in dance and arts at five.

Nicolette Paul

Miss Nicolette excelled in high school, graduating with honours and securing acceptance to study at the University of Cape Town. At age seventeen, she left home to pursue her studies. Her bursary would fund her tertiary education in commerce and finance, forcing her to shift focus from her dream of being a novelist to a realistic goal of obtaining financial freedom and independence.

After completing her studies, she moved to the city of Gold, known as Johannesburg, where she cultivated a career in the financial industry. After three years of working for a major corporation,  Nicolette started pursuing her lifelong dream of being a writer again. She would dedicate her energy to her corporate job, crunching numbers and analyzing financial statements by day whilst expressing her inner creativity by writing her novels at night.

Nicolette started spending more time pursuing a more meaningful life and fulfilling the call to serve a greater purpose. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives worldwide by engaging in her wild imagination to create vivid and heartfelt stories.

Nicolette started writing ‘My Dynasty’ at age twenty-six after realizing she had a story to tell that could inspire and uplift people. A year later, she made the decision to self-publish her first title.

Once the gates of creativity were opened,  Nicolette continued to write fiction novels, starting her first fiction series titled ‘Supreme Gene’, followed by a suspense and thriller novel titled ‘Across the Border’, followed by an idyllic romance novel titled ‘Forever and Forever More.’ Miss Nicolette returned to her studies, obtaining a bachelor’s and an honours degree in Psychology. She later produced her first podcast series, Catching Conversations with Nicolette Paul, which launched in 2024. Nicolette resides in France, pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration while tapping her keyboard. Aside from writing novels, Nicolette indulges in experiencing new adventures through travelling; she is passionate about watching live sports, clocking in hours at the gym, horse riding and learning French. 

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